Sunday, May 15, 2016


I used to be a late morning sleeper... Now I'm so used to getting up early that I wake up before my alarm, and I love getting out when the sun is yet to rise! 
Love the tip on the scent too.

"We’ve all been there. The alarm rings at 6:15AM and your first intuition is to hit the snooze. 6:24AM rolls in, the alarm goes off again, and opening both lids open is still a massive challenge.  
Step 1
Do yourself a favor. Don’t think too much about it and stop the first excuse from corroding your brain, because it’s a slippery slope from there.  
Step 2
Leave yourself less time to get ready and get to class. It sounds counterintuitive, but I think the snooze button is one of the main culprits to making you lazier and less motivated to actually get up.
If I know I have to get up right away as soon as the alarm rings, without the snooze – for some reason, my brain recognizes the little time I have and turns on much quicker than those days I leave enough time for a snooze or two.
Step 3
Be quick to get up, splash cold water on your face, and put on workout clothes (maybe brush your teeth as well!). How likely will you jump back into bed once you’ve done these three things?
Another tip: spray some deodorant or perfume on. The scent usually stimulates my brain enough to make a difference in helping me to wake up; especially when you use a new or different scent to your usual or most used ones."

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