Monday, March 13, 2017

Mindful Eating Practice with Kids

Try this Mindful Eating exercice during your class!

"I am going to say three sentences. Please just be mindful of your inner reaction to each sentence. Notice any thoughts, responses, feelings that occur.
I brought you something today. wait a moment for them to notice.

What I brought is something you can eat. wait a moment for them to notice. I brought raisins. wait a moment for them to notice.

Ask for a couple to share their reaction to each sentence.

I am going to come around to each person and hand out a couple raisins. When you get your raisins just hold them in your hand but don’t eat them just yet! Just keep your raisins until I give the to everyone and then I’ll tell you what to do next.

While I’m giving out the raisins, notice if you like raisins and you are getting hungry. Notice if you do not like raisins and how that makes you feel. Maybe you wish I was giving out chocolate chips.
Today we are going to practice mindfulness of eating. For the first part we will have our eyes open, but it is very important that we are silent, not talking to each other, and also that we are not looking at each other during this time.

Look at the raisin in your hand. Let’s use our imagination to guess the story of the raisin. That means, how did the raisin get to you? Think about the farmer who grew the grapes, the pickers, the packagers, the transporters, the grocery store, etc.

Now look more closely at your raisin. What do you notice about what they look like? Feel like? Smell like? Sound like? Now slowly put it in your mouth. Close your eyes and take one minute to slowly chew, taste and swallow the raisin.

What did you notice?

The movement of your tongue? Your teeth? Moving the raisin? Smell? Changing shape or flavor?

Now take one minute to eat the other raisins noticing ways that it is different than the first.
Now I am going to ring the bell to end. Listen to the whole sound of the bell, and when you cannot hear the sound of the bell anymore, open your eyes.

Answer the following questions silently to yourself... Did the raisin taste good?
Did you chew on the right or left side of your mouth? Did you swallow on the right or left side?

How did it taste compared to how your food normally tastes? How do you eat at home? "

Source: Mindfulschools
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