Sunday, September 20, 2020

Yoga in 2020

 2020 is a crazy, weird year. 

To protected ourselves and our loved ones, we can't kiss, we can't hug. We can't partner in yoga poses and rely on our yoga teacher to adjust us physically.

We have been learning, chatting, teaching, sweating in front of screens, instead of in classrooms, studios.

We have been hiding our breath and suffocating through masks. Even our kids. Especially our kids.

2020 is a crazy, weird year. 

I can't help but projecting myself in 2021. Will things be the same, better, worse?

Well, 2020 may be the year of yoga.

When we practice yoga, we embrace our own body and soul. We send good vibes to ourselves and to our surroundings. It doesn't really matter if we're not perfectly aligned in the asana. Our body is unique, and adjust itself to its very best in every pose.

We have learnt we can practice yoga with peers around the world through a screen. We have found ways to reinvent our jobs, our passions. And we appreciate even more real, open-air classes, whenever it's possible.

We have been strengthening our lungs through yoga. To breathe better, with or without a mask.

Yoga is about being present now. There's no need to project in 2021. Today's today. Every day brings a whole universe of possibilities, challenges but also happiness. 

So let's take one day at a time. 

One breathe at a time.

Breathe. Smile.

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