Friday, January 15, 2016

It's never too early to start yoga.. but even better if it's around 8 years old!

When should Kids start Yoga?
It is common knowledge that yoga is great for adults. And millions around the world pursue this practice regularly. But is the practice only for adults? No! Yoga should ideally begin at an early age in one’s childhood so one can grow into a well-rounded individual and not come to yoga to fix issues with our body and mind later in life. I often wonder why we wait for so long to begin. Yoga is a gift that should be started early in life so one can reap the  lifelong benefits of this ancient practice. There are some very important advantages to why yoga should begin when kids are young. The magical number is the age of 8.
Adults combat stress in various forms in everyday life. Today’s generation of youth is as stressed as adults. They have to keep up with growing competition in schools and colleges, deal with peer pressure and the difficult stage of puberty, and not to forget stay involved in extracurricular activities, and meeting expectations of the family and teachers. For a kid or an adolescent this is a lot to handle.
The benefit of yoga for children is something we should all learn about. The practice of yoga has a huge effect on the physical body and the systems that support it, like the nervous, respiratory, digestive system, etc. It greatly influences the emotional and behavioral aspect of children and adolescents. It has a positive effect on the mental state and aids creativity.
Just like you prep the soil before you sow the seeds, one needs to prepare the mind. The mind assumes many stages. While it is generally felt that adolescents can be very difficult to influence, some are actually very receptive. Yoga can help transform the “quality of consciousness.” The quality of consciousness is good when one is aware and receptive and not so good if you find yourself lost in your own thoughts, unable to focus, absorb or retain information, poor memory etc.


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